Vital things you can’t write down on your CV

Are you in search of employment or preparing for an interview? While crafting your CV, it’s important to keep in mind that there are certain essential traits that cannot be simply put on paper. These characteristics define who you are as a person, and they are highly valued by prospective employers. Here are my top 10 suggestions, and feel free to add any others:

  1. Punctuality – Arriving early for an interview or workday can help you calm down and prepare.
  2. Work Ethic – Demonstrating hard work, loyalty, and commitment.
  3. Effort – Putting in the necessary work to get the desired outcome.
  4. Body Language – Your posture and gestures can reveal your mood and feelings about work and life.
  5. Energy – Displaying a positive attitude and exuding energy can greatly impact your work.
  6. Attitude – Adopting a “can-do” attitude can help you accomplish your goals.
  7. Passion – Demonstrating enthusiasm for your abilities and your work.
  8. Coachability – Being receptive to feedback and willing to learn.
  9. Going the Extra Mile – Willingness to go above and beyond can make a positive impression on colleagues and management.
  10. Preparedness – Being ready for an interview or workday by researching, organizing, and planning ahead.

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