Why employers have got to make faster recruiting decisions

Back in 2015 Our Head-hunter, Martin Ellis, discussed the changes in the job market and predicted that in an industry lacking skilled candidates, candidates would have the upper hand.

This was now 8 years ago and nothing has changed in fact it’s got much worse! Candidates at all levels are in short supply, employees are fighting over the good ones , they are better informed and are looking at all aspects of their new employer before making the leap to a new role.

Therefore, if you sense a good candidate, don’t hesitate to make an offer as candidates now have employment choices. Being decisive will impress them, and it will put you ahead of the competition. Ensure all your variables are attractive and in line with your competition. Salary, benefits, pension, training the list goes on.

Candidates by being better informed means they look at the detail.

Employers now consider staff as an investment, and this change in mindset is driving more companies to take on more people with the confidence that it will pay off. Current employers are becoming more protective of keeping their existing staff, slowing attrition is key and candidates are being more careful about their terms and conditions.

If you’re an employer, you may not have spotted these changes as you’re not recruiting every day. However, you need to be ready for them. If you’re going to second interview, do it quickly as waiting two weeks will make the trail go cold. Be more open to transferable skills and get your written offer ready in advance.

Overall, salaries aren’t increasing at the same rate as the labour market, but it’s masking some moving trends, especially in customer-facing roles. Don’t make an offer that’s too low, as you won’t get a second chance.
From our perspective, in recent years, employers have got used to taking their time over recruitment decisions. However, the market has changed, and you have got to respond. Speed is of the essence as is the offer – Be ready.

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