The benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency

If you’re an employer, then you know the struggles of hiring new employees. The endless CV scouring, the repetitive interviews, and just the complete lack of time available to do it – it’s a nightmare!

If you are reading this then, you are obviously considering partnering with a recruitment agency, and now you’ve fallen onto our website… it’s time to say hi! Before you read on, why don’t you find out a bit about us.

Now you know who we are, it’s time for us to tell you why you should partner with us. So, sit back, grab a cuppa, and let us tell you how you can benefit from partnering with a recruitment agency (specifically, us).

The team at RSE have always supplied us with 1st class candidates for all of our recruitment needs. They’ve taken time to get to know us and understand us as a company and our team dynamics which enables them to get it right first time every time.

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A Whole Wide World of Candidates

We’ve been in this game a while. We’ve built our network, we have connections, and we’ve got a strong community. There’s no point wasting time on job boards when we can recruit candidates that are perfectly suited to the role.

You know when you’re reading a CV and it’s obvious that someone has just been clicking apply to EVERY job, even if it’s completely unrelated to their skill set? Just another email that goes in the trash folder and another five minutes of your time wasted.

Working with a skilled recruitment agency immediately applies that first filter to candidates, ensuring the very first ones you see are applicable and worthy of interview.

There’s also the other common occurrence of no one actually applying. There are hundreds, usually thousands of jobs added to job boards every single day, so there’s a lot of competition – Yikes.

You’re running a company; you don’t have time to waste writing the perfect job advert only for one person to apply. That’s where we come in. We’ll get straight to the point. We won’t waste time waiting and hoping the perfect candidate will apply, instead, we will just go and source the right candidate. It’s that simple!


Only the Best will do

As we said, we will just go straight to sourcing the right candidate for you and your business needs. That means detailed searches, chatting with candidates, and really getting to know who is right for your business.

Every other company is looking for the best talent – that’s a lot of competition… So, really, we can’t just sit and hope the right candidate comes to us. We’ve got to get out there and snap them up before [insert the competitor you dislike the most] does.

So, when you partner with us, you move away from the traditional hiring process of casting out a line and hoping the fish that you want bites. Instead, we jump in the water and personally invite them to dinner.

A Specialised Approach

Recruitment is a skill, just like anything else, and we consider ourselves to be pretty good at it.

Who you hire is going to affect your business. There is no sugarcoating that. This usually means that the recruitment process can be quite stressful. Even if someone reads perfectly on paper, that doesn’t mean they are going to gel well with the rest of the team, or your business’s ethos.

Now, we can’t say that every candidate we send your way will be the perfect person for the job, but we will be open and honest with you about our thoughts throughout the whole process. Any questions, any concerns, we’re always here to chat through things.

Often, finding the right person for the job is tough, but it’s something we consider ourselves to be experts at. We’ve tried and tested so many ways of finding the right candidate, so trust us when we say that we’re bloody good at what we do.

Additional Services

As well as being the best recruiters around, we also offer a range of additional services that set us apart from the competition. Time and time again clients and candidates tell us how useful these are:

  • GLAA Recruitment
  • Outplacement Support
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Salary Surveys
  • Interview Support
  • CV Writing

Find out more about any of these services at either our employer or candidate services page.

Save Time and Money

We won’t lie, it’s not free to partner with a recruitment agency. That doesn’t mean the initial cost won’t save you money in the long run.

It’s not cheap hiring a new employee, especially when there’s a lot of training involved. The last thing you want is to train someone new, only to realise they aren’t right for the job, or worse, don’t actually want to work with you. You’ve wasted money and a lot of your precious time. That’s without going into the time and money spent and wasted on sourcing the right candidate and going through the whole hiring process. We don’t want that, and you definitely don’t want that.

Instead, partnering with a good recruitment agency means that you minimise your involvement in the process until a point where you need to be included.

Candidate on a Yoga treat? – We’ll call them until it aligns with their meditation schedule, so you don’t have to.

Your golden candidate got the jitters after the offer? – We’ll talk them down off that ledge and make sure they feel confident as well as you that it’s the right choice.

The best CV you’ve ever seen but they’ve never heard of Zoom? – We’ll ensure it’s installed and they know how to use it, so your interviews can start on time and run efficiently.

To you this would all be wasted time, but to every candidate that isn’t right for you points us one step closer to finding the perfect match. Basically, we are telling you to let us use our time and money to find the right candidate, so you can spend your time and money running your business.

Quicker Hiring Process

Finding the time between your busy schedule to scroll through CVs and interview potential candidates takes a whole lot of time. Usually, it’s time you don’t have. The fact you have read this far means you are probably guilty of leaving a load of CVs sitting in your inbox waiting to be read… Don’t worry we’ve all done it and we won’t tell anyone.

The problem is that by the time you’ve got around to reading that CV and contacting them, they’ve likely advanced in other job processes.

It’s also a huge headache having the keep up to date with the newest recruitment laws, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Just have a gander at the current laws here.

Recruitment is what we do. We actively seek out CVs and applications. We LOVE recruitment, it’s our passion, and finding the right person for you is what we will do!



Pros of Using a Recruitment Agency Cons of Trying to Recruit Directly
Expanded list of Candidates Limited pool of candidates
Pre-vetted and approved candidates Time-consuming CV screening process
A Specialised Approach Lack of expertise in recruitment
Save Time and Money High costs and time associated with hiring
Quicker Hiring Process Delayed response to applications


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