Finding Your Hospitality Heroes: Recruitment Challenges and Trends in East Sussex

East Sussex’s vibrant hospitality scene offers a perfect blend of charm and dynamism. From the bustling seaside resorts of Brighton and Eastbourne to the picturesque villages nestled in the countryside, there’s something for every visitor. However, securing the right staff to keep the magic alive can be a challenge, particularly with distinct recruitment needs for year-round and seasonal establishments.

The Two Faces of East Sussex Hospitality:

Year-round Hospitality: Hotels, restaurants, and gastropubs that operate year-round compete in a different recruitment arena. Attracting skilled chefs, experienced servers, and dedicated housekeeping staff requires offering competitive salaries, attractive benefits packages, and career development opportunities.

Seasonal Hospitality: Beachside resorts and coastal restaurants face a unique challenge. They need a large influx of staff for the peak summer season, followed by a significant decrease in demand during the quieter winter months. Finding reliable, motivated staff willing to commit to shorter-term contracts can be difficult.

Navigating the Recruitment Landscape:

Both year-round and seasonal hospitality establishments in East Sussex need to adapt to changing recruitment trends. Here are five strategies to unearth hidden gems in the talent pool:

·Embrace the Power of Social Media: Promote your work environment, company culture, and unique selling points on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Utilize targeted advertising to reach potential candidates in your local area.

·Partner with Local Colleges and Training Programs: Connect with hospitality programs at local colleges and universities. Offer internships, participate in career fairs, and build relationships with educators to tap into a pipeline of fresh talent.

·Embrace Employee Referral Programs: Offer incentives for existing staff to recommend qualified friends and family. This leverages your staff network and often leads to high-quality referrals.

·Think Outside the Box: Consider hosting open house events or “pop-up recruitment days” to showcase your workplace and attract local talent.

·Target International Talent: Investigate opportunities for skilled visa holders or international students seeking hospitality experience.

Building a Winning Team:

Beyond specific recruitment strategies, fostering a positive work environment is crucial. Offer opportunities for professional development, flexible work schedules (where possible) and competitive wages. Recognize employee achievements and build a strong company culture to retain your staff.

By acknowledging the differences between year-round and seasonal needs, and implementing innovative recruitment strategies, East Sussex hospitality businesses can build winning teams that keep the charm and efficiency of the industry alive. Remember, happy staff deliver exceptional experiences – and that’s the key ingredient for success.

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