What you do: Managing Director, Business owner, NeuChem (Neuro Science) Practioner & employability coach, mentor and jolly nice person 😊

How long you have done it for: 20 years but never stop learning

Favourite thing about your job: Living on the Edge of a constantly changing market! Its not boring.

Funniest thing you’ve read in an application/cv/email: “I’m pretty useless at most things, my wife tells me, but I’m a good listener and can type!” I jest you not! Not sure if this is funny or very sad.

Professional Experience/Work History:  Cashier, sales co-ordinator, sales person, hair cosmetics, the only lady in a team of 82 men! I’ve sold industrial fasteners, car phones, fax machines (yes I am that old), microchips for animals identification, every mark of car in corporate fleet sales and vans & cherry pickers and latterly people! 

Any other information you want to share:

My clients and candidates are my friends, some of them have bought phones off me, cars off me and now people from me. Although more strategic nowadays in the business, I am a calm head in a crisis, totally optimistic, loyal and drive from the front. I’m the engineering & manufacturing specialist in the room, I have an opinion and a desire to change the face of recruitment which comes from working this job for 18 years and knowing what outstanding looks and feels like and what really bad does to a reputation. 

I’m as happy placing a candidate in Russia and Singapore for a multi billion pound company to the 1st employee for a small SME. We treat them the same, attitude is everything in this business, we are ever evolving, always learning, always ahead of the curve in this ever changing market.

A corporate director of our governing body the Recruitment & Employment Confederation. Looking at best practice and policy UK wide.

I love this job, I’m very proud of my award winning team & all they achieve on a daily basis for the larger community and individuals. We care; hopefully this shows in everything we do.  

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