What you do: Headhunter, Executive Search, Psychometrics – DISC, Outplacement

How long you have done it for: Not long enough to lose my enthusiasm

Favourite thing about your job: People

Professional Experience/Work History: Engineer, publishing, salesman, marketer, manager, leadership, director, headhunter, executive recruitment, blogger, LinkedIn expert, control freak and narcissist.

Memorable moments from your interview with Mandy:

Mandy: “You won’t have a job title Martin. You are whatever your client needs you to be”

Me: “Oh. OK”.

Any other information you want to share:

I can juggle custard and have a child-like curiosity to understand what’s occurring.

I’ve undertaken local Key Role Recruitment and Executive Search assignments across Sussex, Kent and Surrey, as well as UK nationwide searches. Having a strong European network from living and working there, especially in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland, I also undertake international assignments and senior UK roles for overseas companies with UK subsidiaries.

In recent times I’ve worked on assignments across online retail, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, care sector, engineering, transport, renewable energy, instrumentation, IT and software, construction, building services, automotive, sports events, accountancy, landscaping, charities, social networking among many. Oh yes, and fashion and sewage. Mostly it’s B2B, but not only.

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