Looking to venture into the world of employment?


There will soon be lots of school and college leavers coming to the end of their education. Exciting and sometimes daunting times. So what next?

It may be that you’ve chosen further education or a gap year.

Or it may be that you’ve decided to enter the big wide world of employment! If so, where do you start? There’s lots of great advice online for you. So rather than spend the time looking at social media (we all do it), start researching some ideas of what jobs are available. And most definitely start working on your CV if you haven’t already done so.

Although this can feel an overwhelming task, it’s really important to make a start on this as soon as you can and add to it as you achieve more experience in your life.

You can show what transferable skills you already have for the workplace.

For example:

If you were the captain of your local/school sports team – this can show you have leadership, communication and organisation skills, so explain how you did this, and how you inspired your team to reach goals.

If you organised an event – such as a sponsored baking event – you can explain how you motivated others to participate, what this involved, and the end result.

Employers are understanding that you may not have paid work experience at this stage, but they will look for other skills you’ve achieved such as:

  • Organisation
  • Decision making
  • Listening
  • The ability to set and reach goals
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Leadership

Don’t forget to add those out of school clubs that you’ve been part of! It’s all relevant at this stage.

When you’ve created your CV, make sure you have a professional email address for job applications which employers won’t be put off by. Some bad examples include nuttybanana@gmail/hotmail or kinkystuff@gmail/Hotmail (you can use these for other means) – employers want to see your professional side, so choose one wisely for your job applications. Using your name is the best option, eg joe.bloggs@gmail/hotmail

So how to get your foot in the door? Now is the perfect time to do that! With the summer months here, there are lots of temporary/short term hospitality requirements for example, where jobs are available such as waiting staff, kitchen staff and event stewards. A lot of these types of roles don’t require previous experience, but a willingness to turn up, on time, and work hard – what better way to start building your CV! These sorts of jobs can be found in local free papers (such as the Friday-Ad) and on line, so search Facebook for job groups. Recruitment agencies such as RSE Group are always looking for reliable temporary staff – as well as candidates for permanent jobs.

If you need someone to look over your CV please get in touch with RSE Group – www.rsegroup.agency – we’re a friendly bunch and here to help!