It’s not easy right now and it’s not going to get a lot better for a while. How long, nobody knows, but there are jobs out there – and some new behaviours are already in play that it’s worth sharing:

  • Application rates are up big time, but matches to the job specification are, if anything, at an all-time low. The market has a whiff of desperation. That also means job applicants will get more rejection than they’re experienced – which can be very dispiriting – if there was ever a time to make each application specific, this is it.
  • Any application that takes account of the “Essential Requirements” in the job ad will earn Brownie Points. Make fewer applications but make them targeted. You’ll get less rejection and more interest.
  • There seems to be a rapid switch to video interviews. Zoom seems to be the favourite. If you’re not registered, do so now at . If you’re uncomfortable with it, role play with a friend. It’s coming to an interview near you very soon.
  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is key word rich, so search engines pick it up. Also make sure it matches your CV. It doesn’t need to be the same, but they have to be related to each other.
  • Show some ‘discretionary effort’. That means go an extra mile. Most people don’t bother to ring the job poster or connect with them on LinkedIn. When you do that you get noticed. It’s a simple trick not enough people bother with. No idea why, but that give you a chance to shine.

All of this takes a little of effort, but not a lot. Those who do it will be at the head of the queue when the jobs get handed out.