Probably one of the most daunting but exhilarating steps you will take after being offered a new job is to resign. If you’ve done it before, it won’t be so unnerving of course.

So collect your thoughts and put your notice in writing – BUT never do this in the heat of the moment – or when you’re feeling furious as you’ll regret it. No-one ever wants to leave on bad terms and employers don’t want employees to leave on a bad note either; as my Mother has always told me, never burn your bridges – who you meet on the way up, you may meet on the way back down.

Once you’ve made your decision to leave, ensure the first person to know is your line manager – not your colleagues or peers. No-one wants to find out through the grapevine. Oh, and make sure you draft your letter or email on your personal PC – not on a work device!

It doesn’t need to be a long letter – the basics should include the following:-

• Your name and address

• The company name and address

• The date

• Dear…..

• Subject: Formal announcement of resignation

• A note of thanks for giving you the opportunity to work for the company and include positive comments

• A reason for leaving doesn’t need to be mentioned here and for the sake of your integrity it can be best to leave it out if it could cause ill-feeling (don’t be personal)

• Always offer to help them during your notice period wherever possible, eg to find your replacement

• Ask them to confirm your last date of employment

• Finish off by wishing the company and employees all the best for the future

• Yours sincerely

• Your name

If all else fails, be honest but polite and professional.

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