How to trust a Recruiter?

Recruitment is a highly competitive market. There are around 40,000 recruitment companies across the UK. Some are good, some are bad. How do you tell which is which?

Does outsourcing your recruitment need to be expensive?

Recruiters will always tell you they are the best, so they tell you about them and don’t bother to ask about you and what you need. This is annoying, especially when it ends up with hundreds of irrelevant CVs.

It doesn’t need to be like that.

What a waste of time!

I’m a Recruiter and always improving how to offer the best possible recruitment for clients and candidates. Here is 8 steps which may help you to choose the best recruitment firm for you and start a long-lasting, valuable business relationship.

Your recruitment won’t be fixed by magic, but you can be smarter and quicker!

Word of mouth: When searching for the best Recruiters, ask your business and LinkedIn network. Local is good but look further if needed. Location is not as important, as the quality of service.

Professional membership/licenses: Check if they a member of The Recruitment & Employment Confederation or any other nationally recognised body. Also if you are looking for agriculture workers, make sure that the agency is GLAA licensed. You know they’ll have had to jump through hoops to get to this point.

You can easily check it here:

Member of The Recruitment & Employment Confederation  

GLAA License 

Choose quality: Treat your next hire as an investment and a new employee as an asset. You may want to shop around, but don’t use price as the main criterium. It’s worth spending extra, to get a high-quality service.

Go exclusive: Working with multiple agencies won’t save your time. It’s exactly the opposite. Whilst working on an exclusive basis, you will get more commitment. You can negotiate better rates (try!), avoid duplicated CVs and save time. What’s more: you can choose an agency with a free replacement guarantee!

Use an agency with specialisms: Find an agency that understands your sector. Ask a recruiter what roles and levels they have been recruiting for. Quiz them. Check their knowledge.

Value honesty: A good recruiter will be straight about their market knowledge and their capability. If the Specialist tells you it’s going be tough, they’re probably right.

Different approach: Don’t use an agency that only uses job boards and waits for a miracle! Look for somebody who use a variety of methods to attract people. Check their social media feeds, how big are their networks and are they interacting with them?

Mission (Im)Possible: The perfect candidate probably doesn’t exist. A good recruiter will guide you through the market, do the research and advise on salary and benefits. A good Recruiter will also read between the lines in CVs, provide you with candidates with transferable skills and the right attitude and that is willing to learn.

What is your guiding principle in choosing a recruitment agency?

I would love to hear your thoughts!