If you read nothing else and you are looking to recruit this year – read this.

Employers who we work with often tell us, that it feels like they are getting ‘what’s left’ – when it comes to candidate quality, service and innovation with their existing providers. The honest answer is ‘yes’. You are!

The reality is – that is exactly what they are getting – and they are often part of the problem. Play suppliers off in a ‘fastest finger wins’ scenario and any self – respecting recruitment supplier – or any supplier for that matter smart enough, will invest their energy, assets, resources and candidates into clients who reciprocate through sensible fees, loyalty and a long-term partnership mentality.

Whether service or goods, it all comes down to the enduring value principle of ‘pick any two – you can’t have all three’

1) Do you want it cheap?
2) Do you want it fast?
3) Do you want it good?

You want it fast AND cheap? In which case, it won’t be ‘good’.


Smart employers are waking up to the fact that they need to invest, in order to improve their employer proposition and brand.

If not, they’ll need to get used to the idea of normalising poor quality/poor productivity, as they won’t be able to attract the talent they need  – across the board.

Work with one recruitment partner who gets you; who you are, what you do, and what your company ethos is. The scattered approach doesn’t work, it makes you look desperate and candidates get fed up by being phoned ten times by ten recruiters for the one job. Make yourself exclusive and you’ll get exclusive candidates that share your purpose and vision. Your recruiter can help you get there.

We have a huge social media reach, we have exclusive candidates who are not on the market elsewhere, and we have collectively 65 years of recruitment experience as both recruiter and business owner, so we know the issues from your side and you’ll get total honesty and upfront advice. We can help to find your best employees, and we know how much bad hire costs, so we can offer you a rebate or a free replacement guarantee. (* T&C’s apply)

It costs nothing to have a chat about it. We don’t do hard sales here, no ones got time for that! Go on, give us a call…

You can call us on 01580 234800 or drop us an email at info@recruitmentsoutheast.co.uk