Does your organisation suffer during the summer holiday period?

Let us assist you during this busy time. We have a large selection of temporary staff who are happy to help you through this summer!

Employers are very often overwhelmed with holiday requests during the summer months and when big events are happening. Seasonal businesses and smaller organisations may find it difficult to facilitate such demand without it seriously impacting on their business. Being flexible and accommodating individual employee needs, in line with the needs of the business, ultimately is a tool to attract and retain the best staff for your business. With the peak holiday season fast approaching, businesses should prepare themselves for the absence of key staff in the forthcoming summer months.

Summer holiday challenges include:

  • Most staff and workers will want to have time off during the summer months
  • Effect on morale if employees are denied time‐off
  • Productivity needs to be kept at the same level with a smaller workforce
  • Seasonal businesses may have their peak demand in the summer, further exacerbating the problem
  • Changing demographics within the workforce may increase demand for summer/school holiday requests

Solution? We have a range of skilled candidates available!

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