CV Writing

Don’t be a cliché. You and your CV deserve better than that. Let our expert CV writer give it some spit and polish.

Your CV has got just seconds to capture a recruiter’s attention and create the right impression. Just seconds. And then there’s your LinkedIn profile. Most recruiters will also check that out straight after reading your CV. We know they’re not easy to write but honestly, how good are yours?

Cue Martin Ellis. He knows a thing or two about writing CVs that have exactly the right kick and bite! Don’t be alarmed if he completely re-writes yours. But do rest assured that he knows how to ditch the dull and create something that grabs the interest of potential employers in all the right ways. He’ll get under your skin (in a good way) and tease out all your best qualities. He’s a little freaky like that (but again, in a good way).

Working with Martin has been great and surpassed any experience of recruitment that I’ve had in the past. Martin took his time to understand what I was looking for and was extremely knowledgeable about the opportunities available.

The process

Once you’ve contacted Martin, he’ll arrange a telephone interview to ask you a few questions. If you want to prepare, the things he will ask you about include:

  • Your dream job and ambitions
  • Your critical skills and experience

Then he’ll get out his red pen and get scribbling. Within three working days of payment, you’ll have an all singing and dancing CV with two further weeks to edit or adapt if you want to.
He can also help with your LinkedIn profile. It doesn’t have to be the same as your CV, but you don’t want to come across as Jekyll and Hyde.

I love it! I am absolutely wowed and more than thrilled by my new CV! You have put a lot of work into literally every single word. Totally transformed! exceeded my expectations... by miles! Thank You sooooo much!

Our CV writing fees

  • For an existing CV update
  • For an existing LinkedIn profile update
  • For a brand new LinkedIn profile
  • For a brand new CV
  • For both a new CV and new LinkedIn profile
  • For an updated CV and an updated LinkedIn profile
VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate.