Vacgen is a precision engineering company providing high quality vacuum products and services for customers in science and semiconductor industry. They are a specialist manufacturer of ultra-high vacuum chambers, components and manipulation devices. Vacgen is a medium sized enterprise, based in Lower Dicker, East Sussex.

The challenge

Recruiting candidates in engineering/manufacturing can be a challenging process, particularly as companies compete for top talent in a limited pool of qualified candidates.

Some common issues that Vacgen is currently facing are:

Talent shortages: demand for skilled professionals in engineering/manufacturing field continues to increase.

Difficulty in attracting younger workers: The engineering manufacturing sector has traditionally been seen as an older industry, which can make it challenging to attract younger workers who may be more interested in newer, emerging fields.

Retention challenges: Once Vacgen has recruited top talent, they may also struggle to retain these employees, particularly if they are being offered more attractive opportunities elsewhere.

What we did

Recruitment South East has been working with Vacgen for eight years, and building long-lasting relationships with them is a priority for us. This enables us to better understand Vacgen’s needs and provide them with well-suited candidates for the roles they need to fill.

In 2020, Recruitment South East invested in a new database to find suitable candidates more efficiently, and we also use various job boards, social media campaigns, and direct search via LinkedIn. We are also focusing on building Vacgen’s reputation as an employer of choice by presenting the company positively to potential candidates and creating engaging job descriptions.

The results

In 2022 Recruitment South East placed 10 permanent candidates with Vacgen, including CNC Operators, Cleanroom Assembly Technicians, Quality Inspectors and more, while competing with other specialist recruitment agencies. The majority of these candidates were not actively looking for a new job and were headhunted by us.

It’s important for Recruitment South East to enhance Vacgen’s reputation by promoting the company’s commitment to innovation and development, and presenting it as an attractive employer in the market. This will help attract high-quality candidates and foster a positive work culture.

To remain competitive, Vacgen is offering competitive compensation packages and benefits, as well as relocation packages for skilled candidates like welders. They are also investing in training and development programs to help employees grow and advance in their careers.

To help our client grow and recruit candidates in a competitive market such as manufacturing and engineering, we not only offer recruitment services. We would like to focus on improving our client’s employee engagement and retention; a positive work culture and employees’ satisfaction are crucial for retaining employees and attracting new ones. We offer additional services such as psychometric profiling, wellbeing coaching, and outplacement services.