Our permanent recruitment desk is run by specialists who are well networked in the employer community and connected to a wide audience of hiring managers, so we’re aware of job trends, jobs news and what’s coming, so talking to us can give you a head start. The jobs you can see on our website don’t represent everything we know about the market at any one time. We know the skills in demand in your locality, and perhaps surprisingly, what applies in Eastbourne, won’t necessarily apply in Hastings or Brighton, or across any of the sizeable towns across East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent.

Use our search function below to see our current advertised jobs and remember if you have any queries at all, do not hesitate to pick up the phone! 01580 234800 or 01424 830000

Ps. Since you last looked, technology has made huge strides. For example, it’s as likely the new job will find you rather than the other way around. We can give you hints, tips and hacks on your CV, your social networks (but especially LinkedIn) and interview techniques… connect with us online for more information.