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The Wellbeing and Performance Company are at the forefront of researching and delivering progressive Talent and Development initiatives to organisations who are investing in understanding, measuring and developing the Wellbeing and Performance of their most treasured assets – their people!

We are made up of highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable Consultants, Coaches and Partners who are passionate about supporting and enabling organisations understand and implement the latest Neuroscience and Psychology for the workplace through our 5 A stars Methodology. This unique approach delivers significant returns from the outset whilst reducing debilitating risks – The 5 P’s.

Presenteeism – Your employees turning up but RIP – Retired in Post

Productivity – Employees on Go Slow due to being defocused and mentally challenged

Poor Attendance – Duvet days and Sickness Absence through stress and ill health

Potential Retention of staff – Losing Key Critical Employees due to lack of Employee Engagement

Problems with Litigation – Poor decision making, lack of Compliance, higher Accident rates.

Solutions to your people problems

We understand that lifting capability needs to be as holistic as possible but that an eye on your return on investment in your people is also key.

Our solutions provide the possibility of interventions and initiatives all from one place. Competency and confidence in your people is so necessary in their roles so we provide a doorway to a toolkit where a large selection of the training you need are packaged, giving ongoing lasting value and peak performance.

Once we have determined the needs and issues within your organisations and or teams/groups/individuals and costed the risks associated with leaving them unaddressed, we will offer proven tailored solutions that will put you back on track whilst delivering an improved, happier more colligate, safer and compliant working environment and where your people are engaged, present and outstripping their previous performance.

Why not a look at the coaches on the TWPC website and have a FREE informal chat. We know that you’ll need the right person for your organisation and that’s why we give you a choice of amazing coaches, all with a different skills set. For enquiries please email

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