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We hold a GLAA Licence and can save you time on form filling and red tape.

We have a Gangmasters Licence (GLAA). From your point of view, if you’re working in one of the sectors regulated by this, it’s an absolute necessity. It allows us to complete all the many forms and do all the paperwork for you. Of course, that saves you a massive amount of work, but it also means you can be confident you are fully compliant when it comes to legislation and tax.

It’s also something we’re very proud of because it’s an indication of our high standards. Our licence has to be verified and renewed annually. And we are absolutely meticulous when it comes to meeting our GLAA responsibilities. We ask. We check. We verify. It’s part of our DNA, it’s part of our curiosity and it distinguishes us from other recruitment agencies.

RSE became our sole supplier handling over 15 permanent and 8 temp vacancies this year alone and without fail their success rate hits the mark time after time. Not only does RSE deliver, but they work on your behalf in the background to look out for talent that might suit your firm. Now that's proactive and they have a sense of humour to which is always helpful when hiring becomes stressful or last minute. Highly recommended.

General Manager Collier Webb
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The process

Firstly, we hold a GLAA licence. That instantly means we can take on a lot of the hard work and admin for any business in a regulated sector. No more forms. No more checks. We do it all. And we do payroll. Breathe.

But as with everything we do, we take a strategic approach. If you’re recruiting seasonal workers in large numbers, we’ll work with you to provide you with teams that meet the different demands of what you need: reliability, hard work, cost effectiveness, skill.

If you’re just recruiting for one position, we’ll still ask lots of questions. That’s because we want to know whether a temporary recruit is the best option. Maybe in-house training would work better. Expect us to be honest about this because we won’t promote a recruit to you if we don’t think it’s the right solution.

Recent case study

Chapel Down Vineyards

Supplying large numbers of local, seasonal workers in a post-Brexit world to meet harvest demands.

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Our core values


The more we know, the better we can help. It’s that simple. If we don’t ask you lots of questions, we’re not doing our job.


We may not be big, but we are bold. We’ll challenge your assumptions. We’ll think creatively. But we’re always constructive.


Discretion is a must. You need to know you can be totally open and honest with us. And you can.
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