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Outplacement support, psychometric testing, salary surveys and interview support.

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet (yes, we do), but recruitment is a complex business. And sometimes you need a few extras. We don’t do anything unless we think it adds real value. The following services do just that.

I’ve used RSE’s services multiple times over recent years. They always take care to check the brief in detail, write original and interesting job ads, they’re thorough with their research and present relevant and qualified candidates. They do what they say they will do, and I’ll also use them to test my own thinking on my overall recruitment strategies. They’re honest brokers who get the job done.

UK Managing Director Kompan
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Outplacement support

Redundancy and change are sometimes a fact of life, but how they’re managed speaks volumes. In fact, managing outplacement speaks of duty of care, ethics, compassion but in practical terms, it’s often also about damage limitation and favourable settlement terms. That’s an odd bag of tricks that needs a special skillset. A skillset that we have.

We can act quickly and with kindness, sensitivity and neutrality to provide appropriate guidance, advice and support and help all stakeholders achieve a positive outcome.

Psychometric testing

You’ve got two outstanding candidates. How do you choose? The answer is often to be found in psychometric testing which can assess preferred behaviours, motivations and attitudes. The very things that can make a hire a success. Or not.

We offer a number of psychometric testing tools in house, including:

  • DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadfastness and Compliance) – helpful in recruitment, team building, management development and people.
  • ILM2 – This insightful tool is all about identifying an individual’s leadership style and behaviours. More useful than a canary in a coalmine, this thing will show you how to develop your leaders, identify training needs, and even predict team clashes or synergies. It’s like having a crystal ball for your team’s cohesion and success.
  • MTQ PLUS – Picture this: You’re on a rollercoaster, and it’s called work. Some days you’re flying high, other days you’re screaming in terror. But fear not, because we’ve got MTQ PLUS, the secret weapon for improving your mental toughness. This bad boy has been proven by research and case studies worldwide to amp up performance, boost aspirations, and even make positive thinking second nature. Whether your team is going through a rough patch, or you want to conquer the realm of wellbeing and team building, MTQ PLUS is the answer.
  • CARRUS – Feeling lost in the career wilderness? Don’t worry, CARRUS is here to save the day. It’s the ultimate guide to rediscovering your purpose and finding your ideal workplace. Whether you’re starting a new job or just craving a change, CARRUS will point you in the right direction. No more wandering aimlessly or settling for less. With CARRUS, you’ll uncover what truly matters to you, concentrate on what makes you shine, and unlock a world of opportunities.


Salary surveys

It’s a competitive market out there and whether or not you’re recruiting, sometimes you need an accurate idea of what average salaries in your sector and area are. This knowledge keeps you competitive, helps with retention and is good practice. And it’s a service we offer.

Interview support

Some people love interviewing, some people hate it. Some smash it, some would welcome some support.  It won’t surprise you to learn that we have a lot of experience of interviewing candidates at all levels and we are always on hand to provide help. From pre-interview prep and coaching to sitting in on the interview to assist.

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Chapel Down Vineyards

Supplying large numbers of local, seasonal workers in a post-Brexit world to meet harvest demands.

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