Our Outplacement Services offers specialist support when it’s needed most. We quickly get close to those who need immediate career guidance and help all stakeholders focus on positive outcomes that keep unhelpful distraction to a minimum.

Organisations and jobs these days are in constant flux and change. Technology, new services, and lost customers can force it. No organisation wants to do it. It’s difficult. It’s hard. Making people redundant isn’t easy, and it can impact on the organisation, customers and the workers who are left behind. We can offer a face-to-face and sensitive service anywhere across East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent.

outplacement services recruitment


  • Demonstrates a tangible DUTY OF CARE
  • Brings a positive facet to the redundancy process
  • Enables organisations to concentrate on customers and trading
  • Vehicle to concentrate all stakeholders on positive outcomes
  • Will encourage remaining key staff to stay
  • Can be part of a negotiated settlement

For more information please contact Mandy or Martin on 01580 234800 or 01424 830000. You can also drop us an email at info@recruitmentsoutheast.co.uk