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Collaborating with you to identify and engage exceptional talent, eager to contribute to your success and uphold your commitment to outstanding service.

For B2B organisations, defining, managing, and delivering outstanding and memorable service is priority numero uno. This often requires your team to have a very specific set of skills, including charisma and professionalism. The delivery might be invisible, but understanding client needs, keeping them in sharp focus, and defining clear goals is critical. Your repeat business, reputation, and brand depend on it. Therefore, how you define the skills you need and test for them, all whilst attracting the best the talent pool has to offer, should be at the top of your business’s wish list.

I’ve used RSE’s services multiple times over recent years. They always take care to check the brief in detail, write original and interesting job ads, they’re thorough with their research and present relevant and qualified candidates.

UK Managing Director KOMPAN
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Our Approach

First, we sit with you to understand your business, how it works, and what a customer looks like. We need to get our heads around your value proposition. Once that’s established, we can build a compelling Job Profile and start advertising and searching for likely candidates.

Role Play Interviews and Technical Skills Assessment

We’ll pre-qualify every candidate, almost always with role-play interviews to assess their deliberate communication and technical skills. This usually happens during a conversational interview where the candidate is confident they can open up and discuss previous examples of how they traded on value, rather than price.

Building and Sustaining a Strong Service Proposition

You need people who appreciate that driving and providing profitable Business Services means you don’t trade as a commodity. You need to build and sustain a strong service proposition, that’s clearly articulated in and around your organisation, and customers. We understand how that works.

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Filling key vacancies, and scoping opportunities, during a time of accelerated growth.

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