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Food production

Sourcing reliable, hardworking and skilled seasonal workers to meet the changing needs of production.

Finding workers for your food production operation, how’s that going? The world’s certainly thrown a few challenges your way in terms of access to workers, be it pickers, packers, wrappers or people on production that you need. And the chances are that you need quantity, but you also want quality. People that will show up, work hard and don’t create any issues. And you probably want less red tape.

It has been a real pleasure working with RSE with our picking staff recruitment since our first harvest. They have eased the process of finding harvest pickers, providing us with the required numbers of keen local workers.

Vineyard Manager Rathfinny Wine Estate

Our approach

Let’s tackle the elephant in the room. UK workers are hardworking and reliable provided there are properly sourced, vetted and briefed. We’ve developed a system for finding the right kind of UK workers, often locally based. We visit your site to meet and brief them and look at ways that a local workforce can work to your advantage, whether that’s by reducing your environmental footprint, improving your brand reputation or just making you more time and cost efficient.

If local isn’t the answer, we also understand the need for cultural harmony amongst workers. And we always take that on board when sourcing teams. On top of which we are GLAA certified so we manage all the GLAA paperwork and payroll for you, and are always on hand to deal with any problems.

Recent case study

Chapel Down Vineyards

Supplying large numbers of local, seasonal workers in a post-Brexit world to meet harvest demands.

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Our core values


The more we know, the better we can help. It’s that simple. If we don’t ask you lots of questions, we’re not doing our job.


We may not be big, but we are bold. We’ll challenge your assumptions. We’ll think creatively. But we’re always constructive.


Discretion is a must. You need to know you can be totally open and honest with us. And you can.
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A woman packs boxes of apples.

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