Key role recruitment

Finding senior personnel who have the skills and experience but also the right personality and values.

Key role recruitment often means you need to find someone for a senior position who can hit the decks running, and you need to find them fast. Obviously, you want that person to be the right person but you’re time-poor and up against it.

I’ve used RSE’s services multiple times over recent years. They always take care to check the brief in detail, write original and interesting job ads, they’re thorough with their research and present relevant and qualified candidates. They do what they say they will do, and I’ll also use them to test my own thinking on my overall recruitment strategies. They’re honest brokers who get the job done.

UK Managing Director Kompan
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Our approach

Skillset and experience are a priority, of course, but so is personality and fit, especially if you want them to step straight in and run the team. After all, they’re going to be key to the success of the business and the team, and it’s no good if there’s a clash of culture or personalities.

This is where our curiosity pays off. We’ll come to site. We might ask some awkward questions. And we know the right awkward questions to ask, those questions that really get under the hood of what you’re all about. We’ll get a feel for the dynamics. Nothing beats meeting people. We’ll pair what we learn with your long and short goals so that we can find the person who won’t just fix the short-term challenge but will help take the business to the next level, whatever that may be.

And we know people. Not in a Kray twins way but we know senior personnel who may not actively be looking for a new role but may actually be interested in working for you. And are a good fit.

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Filling key vacancies, and scoping opportunities, during a time of accelerated growth.

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Our core values


The more we know, the better we can help. It’s that simple. If we don’t ask you lots of questions, we’re not doing our job.


We may not be big, but we are bold. We’ll challenge your assumptions. We’ll think creatively. But we’re always constructive.


Discretion is a must. You need to know you can be totally open and honest with us. And you can.
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