A strategic approach to recruitment to help with productivity and find talent in a competitive market.

What’s holding back your productivity? In our experience, one of the major barriers in manufacturing is difficulty finding the right people with the right skills. It’s not the only problem but it is a significant one, and a big time drain. Where do you look? How do you persuade someone that your business is their future? How do you do that fast to fill that looming vacancy? And how do you avoid getting 30 irrelevant CVs landing on your desk from a recruitment agency. Because no one needs that.

RSE became our sole supplier handling over 15 permanent and 8 temp vacancies this year alone and without fail their success rate hits the mark time after time. Not only does RSE deliver, but they work on your behalf in the background to look out for talent that might suit your firm. Now that's proactive and they have a sense of humour to which is always helpful when hiring becomes stressful or last minute. Highly recommended.

General Manager Collier Webb
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Our approach

All good questions to which you will be happy to know, we have the answers. The first part of solving this conundrum is for us to find out more about your business. We understand manufacturing and we respect your expertise. But we’re good at people. Meeting your team, finding out more about your team dynamics, what’s working and what isn’t, helps us build a picture of the sort of person you need. Because whilst it is about having the right skills and experience, if you want to keep that new recruit, it’s also about more than that.

We’ll also work with you to identify and refine those parts of your business that distinguish you and make you attractive. And we promise (yes that is a promise) that all candidates will be pre-screened by us.

How do we find the right person? In a variety of ways is the answer. We have our own database as you’d expect and yes, we use various job boards, social media campaigns, and LinkedIn. We also have insider knowledge of people who may not be actively looking for a new job but may be right for you and may be tempted by the right offer. You can’t buy that sort of knowledge. But we’ll share ours.

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Our core values


The more we know, the better we can help. It’s that simple. If we don’t ask you lots of questions, we’re not doing our job.


We may not be big, but we are bold. We’ll challenge your assumptions. We’ll think creatively. But we’re always constructive.


Discretion is a must. You need to know you can be totally open and honest with us. And you can.
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