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Brexit wasn’t all bad news for Viticulture recruitment. Honest. Whilst it may have disrupted the traditional approach of employing European workers for the harvest, this change has actually become a force for good.

It has been a real pleasure working with RSE with our picking staff recruitment since our first harvest. They have eased the process of finding harvest pickers, providing us with the required numbers of keen local workers.

Vineyard Manager Rathfinny Wine Estate
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Our approach

Park any scepticism you might have about UK workers for a moment and hear us out. We’ve been working with a number of vineyards over the last few years providing local workers. They show up, they work hard in all weather and they get the harvest in on time.

Better still there is a cost saving to be had and a reduction in hassle factor and work for you. Think workers who don’t need feeding or managing overnight because they’re local and they go home. We deal with all the paperwork for GLAA and PAYE purposes and we meet and fully brief the team. We know how vital the harvest window is and we will be on site when needed and are available on the phone as and when required. And, of course, this new approach supports the local economy, reduces your overall environmental footprint and helps build your brand’s reputation.

And we don’t just supply pickers. We know you may need a variety of skills both at harvest time and during others times of the year such as tractor drivers, supervisors, bottling staff, pruners and production staff, both on a temporary or permanent basis.

Thanks to you for all your efforts finding the pickers and for working with us throughout this long harvest, getting everyone to the right place at the right time!

Vineyard Manager Chapel Down

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Rathfinny Wine Estate

Adopting a new approach to sourcing reliable, hardworking seasonal workers.

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Thanks for all your help, it’s been a challenging harvest. It would’ve been made harder if you hadn’t been able to organise teams with such little notice.

Vineyard Manager Chapel Down

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