We offer both permanent and temporary recruitment services. In particular, temporary labour helps you cope with short-term needs and gives you flexible access to a skilled workforce who often want the flexibility (and variety) that temporary jobs deliver. The same applies to fixed-term contracts and interim jobs.

We operate with a Gangmasters licence (GLAA), and whilst that legislation may not apply to you, it requires us, as your recruitment agency, to run robust checks and processes that we apply across the entire business and promotes good habits that benefit all our clients.

We can provide temporary staff for flexible shifts, fruit picking, harvest, picking and packing, hospitality, office work and processing, and food production – indeed we have access to people and skills that cover most sectors, needs and jobs. We have happy clients all over Sussex (whether that’s East Sussex and West Sussex), Kent and even further afield.

Temporary labour can make a real difference every quickly. Here you can read our blog where we’ve written 8 reasons why we think you should consider temporary labour in a positive light.

If we can help you or you’d like to have a friendly chat, please give us a call on 01580 234800 or 01424 830000.

If you want to know more, please call us on 01580 234800 or 01424 830000 or email us. We’re all here to help.