For our client, we are currently looking for a B2B Telesales Executive. They are 25 years old and based in Staplehurst, Kent – a team of 8 designing and marketing accessories for glasses wearers, produced globally.

Their customer base is mainly independent opticians and optometrists but they also work with larger retailers like Vision Express and large corporate eyecare groups.

They are known for the quality of their products, attentive service, and know-how.

And being fiercely independent like their customers, they exist to reinforce their customers’ retail success.

They do this by designing and producing beautiful quality products that improve the quality of their customers lives. By so doing, our client strengthen their customers’ experiences and enhance their customers’ eyecare brand.

They’re taking steps – and honestly journeying – towards zero environmental impact, stripping fossil fuels from their products and business purchases step-by-step.

A bit about the role…

Firstly let’s get the salary out of the way.

They put you on a salary between £26,000 – £28,000 so there’s no temptation to aggressively push their customers to buy. There’s only so many independent opticians in the country and once lost are impossible to regain for at least a generation.

As each member of our client’s small team must perform to a high level, they add an annual profit-share bonus each full financial year you stay with us. 10% of profits are shared between team members. They receive this just before Christmas.

Which means: if the business makes money you share in it.

If not, there’s an issue. Ultimately, they know what your position needs to generate in revenue and they’ll discuss that soon in the process.

That said, most activity will be growing business with existing customers, especially for their market-leading bespoke products. There will be seasonal campaigns too as well as “sales and research missions” into other sectors outside retail optics.

Your job is to pick up the phone and pro-actively engage customers and prospects. You won’t be running a tight script because people hate speaking to robots. This isn’t a burn and churn volume-based business. It’s about connecting with the human being in a very real way. Because of this you need to be intensely curious about our clients’ business – their goals, concerns and challenges. You don’t need have business or optical experience because it’s not your job to be a coach or advisor. Your job is to get a deep understanding of their current situation, create interest and desire, then either take an order or refer them on.

These calls aren’t long and drawn out, 10-15 minutes max. so we expect you to be picking up the phone 50+ times and chatting to at least 20 people everyday. These key people will be business owners, usually optometrists, dispensing opticians or practice managers.

The main thrust of the conversation will be soft research questions (who do you get your printed cases, cloths, lens sprays from? Where did you come across them? If they – or we – could improve their service what should they – or we- do?)…

…and inviting them to a design session via our client’s proprietary video platform with their Managing Director (these take no longer than 30minutes unless they’re having fun).

Or they will be making a very clear product offer that’s relevant to the retail season. Others will be research, for which you’d need to prepare a report and present to the Managing Director. In any case, we expect you to update CRM after every call and diarise your follow-ups at an appropriate time in the future.

Our client would really like to have you along with them on their trade shows or mini-conferences to actually meet customers too.

So in summary, you’re picking up the phone 50+ times a day, speaking to 20 people about investing 30mins of their time to create bespoke accessories; which in turn helps them transform more of their patients into champions who refer new patients to them. And you’ll join us for a few sales events across the country.

If that seems like a great role to you, then please read on…

A bit about you…

You’re a naturally curious person. You seek to understand before being understood.

You tend to ask a lot of questions.

You’re coachable, teachable and apply what you learn fast.

You’re intelligent. They’re a clever and experienced bunch so you need to keep up.

You’ve a track record of a strong work ethic.

You’ve solid experience of picking up the phone. 50 calls a day is a breeze.

You love the idea of having meaningful chats with business owners and those at the sharp end of eye care.

You’re hungry for new and better, yet gently persuasive, ways to increase their core business.

You’re personally interested to learn the business and take on more responsibility.

You’re a big fan of personal development and are constantly working to improve yourself.

You’ve a track record of consistent performance you’re proud of.

You perform best in a results driven environment.


The prize…

In the UK we’re poised to grow their influence and revenues within our client’s existing base, expand that base with new customers, and triple revenue in 2 years. Their global goals are even bigger and will involve new companies in Europe and USA.

So they’re looking for a remarkable human who is intolerant of mediocracy and wants to lean into a role that gives them a chance to create the future they want, to be part of a team all pulling in the same direction and do something special.

The next steps…

Contact Bogna @ Recruitment SE and we’ll arrange a telephone call.

If that goes well we’ll arrange an interview.

Or two if necessary…

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