Packaging Solutions – East Sussex

Basic £22k – £24k with Career Development Opportunities

This company, based in the south of East Sussex, manufacture packaging for online retailers, and because of the shift to internet sales, are busy ramping up production. They are creating a new Planning role ideal for a graduate looking to enter the world of manufacturing and develop a career.


As part of the planning team, you’ll be learning to support an increasingly busy team to take on the world and keep production and delivery going, while online retailers are screaming for more packaging. This will involve planning for everything including production, supplies, deliveries, stock, storage and transport. If anything moves, it needs to be part of a plan, so you’ll be thinking ahead and making sure nothing slips through your fingers. Anything missed could result in a loss of production and unhappy customers. That can’t happen.

You will be dropped into the muck and bullets. It’s the best way to learn, but you’ll feel supported and receive the training you need to take on these new challenges. It’s also a great way to grow. You’ll see how the operation works and that will build a great foundation for career development.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves immediately. You’ll need to get this job firmly under your wing before other doors open in the rapidly growing company.


You don’t have to be a graduate, but you probably are – and you’ll have respected your education and want to keep developing. You’ll need to be able to learn quickly and ask when you’re not sure. That takes initiative. You may spot something that others have missed, and that’s where you’ll add value.

You’ll be curious by nature. You’re always asking “why?” and “how?’. That’s just how you are – and you’re also ordered. While you can help clear up chaos, you’re much more inclined to make sure it doesn’t happen in the first place. That saves a lot of heartache. You probably love a spreadsheet and prefer it when everything is in its rightful and ordered place.

A previous career in manufacturing isn’t as important as the desire to work in an ordered environment with individuals and teams that have to work together to succeed.

Events sometime come along that upset the applecart. You won’t dwell on that, but you will look for the best way to get everything back on track as quickly as possible.

GEOGRAPHY: The factory is located in the south of East Sussex.

SALARY: Annual salary will be in the region of £22k to £24k. But this isn’t just about salary, but also career opportunity in a growing company with a good reputation.

INTERVIEW PROCESS: Martin Ellis at Recruitment South East will perform screening and initial interviews before candidates are selected for interview by the company, who will also ask you to undertake an online psychometric assessment to understand your behavioural preferences and motivations.


Martin Ellis    07823 887982

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