Job hunting is never easy, but in a pandemic, it’s a real slog. Remember one thing – good people are always in demand in any market – so it’s your job is to stand out and be noticed. Here are some straightforward hacks to stand out in a crowd. 

Don’t join the Herd: 

The temptation is great. Lot’s of job seekers are chasing the market down. They’re understandably desperate and would accept lower salaries and job grades. There’s a siege mentality that can be counter-productive. You can stand out by being different, and that starts with clarity about what you’re after. A little ambition can be a good thing. 

Re-write your CV for a COVID-19 world: 

COVID has changed the context in which business functions, and your CV needs to reflect that. Present yourself in the world of change and transformation. What applied in 2019 is now old hat. 

Get a Marmite CV: 

While we’re talking about CV’s, write your CV to get a reaction. Avoid the bland and beige. Avoid corporate and predictable jargon. Use original language. Use a Thesaurus to avoid turn-off words such as ‘passionate’. 

Complete your LinkedIn profile: 

Recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn as a candidate database. It’s searchable, so make sure your Headline (the line immediately below your name) and the About sections are peppered with key words and phrases to make sure you’re spotted when they’re looking for somebody with your skills and experience. 

Don’t chase everything: 

Click and spray job applications are too easy. Be selective. Target your efforts. You’re more likely to get a positive response and fewer rejections that can be so dispiriting. 

Follow up: 

If you can find the name of anybody who has posted an ad, look them up on LinkedIn and send them a connection request along with a short message. Even in desperate times, you’d be surprised how many don’t bother with this simple act of getting noticed. 

Lots of jobs aren’t being advertised: 

Be aware that lots of jobs aren’t being advertised because the response can be bigger than a recruiter can cope with, so they rely on finding candidates – which is why it’s important to have your LinkedIn profile full and up-to-date as well as your CV posted on CV Library, Reed, Indeed and Monster etc. 

Keep your spirits up: 

Don’t spend all your working hours job hunting. Take some time out. Go for a walk. Take a break to return refreshed. 

Finding your next job will be a challenge, so try to stand out and be noticed. Just appearing like everybody else makes you harder to spot.