The day-to-day running of a business is never smooth and predictable. There’s either too many sales or not enough…. too much to do today and not enough you can slip over to tomorrow… or too many hands – or not enough. Know the feeling?

Sometimes, it’s tempting to take on some temporary labour to see things through, but the dread of taking somebody on who’s unknown, or may take time to bed in, means organisations often make do with what they have. They muddle through, but spill some beans along the way. It can be quite a messy business.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Temporary labour can make a real difference every quickly. Here’s 8 reasons why we think you should look at temporary labour in a more positive light:

1. Temporary labour can be turned on and off very quickly – Some recruiters will have a specialist Temporary Controller and department who knows where to find them and who to trust.

2. Many people choose temporary roles for very good and positive reasons. Quite often they love the variety and avoid long-term commitment through choice – it’s the way the world is increasingly turning. Get used to it!

3. Temporary labour doesn’t need the security of a long recruitment process. If you don’t like them, you can simply send them back from where they came.

4. Some people prefer to enter the full time market via temporary roles. It enables them to test the employer thoroughly – everybody gets a more realistic view of things.

5. Temporary workers are usually more flexible, and in our experience, hard working.  They tend to be more practical and pragmatic.

6. Many temporary workers are very skilled. They’re used to working in varied environments and become very productive very rapidly.

7. Temporary workers are good in a crisis. They’re used to it!

8. Temporary workers can save you money. They’re only there when you need them, so there’s no tail to the costs of taking them on in the first place.

If you’re thinking of going down the temporary route for the first time (or joining the temporary market as a worker) deal with a company who have a dedicated Temporary Consultant. Their world is very different from normal recruitment. They will be much more aware of local needs from both sides of the coin, and will be used to working at real speed and under pressure.

If you’ve been thinking that temporary workers can cause more trouble than they cure, think again.

They may be exactly what you need. You can give RSE a call on 01580 234800, to find out how temporary staff may just be your answer.