Who knew a week ago millions of people would be working from home because of the Coronavirus? For many it maybe the very first time they have done so and – on top of that – it maybe for weeks or possibly longer.

With this in mind and as a seasoned Recruiter and Employment, Wellbeing & Productivity coach who regularly works from home – with a team that can work from home during snow days or numerous other reasons in the past – here are some tricks and tips for getting the most out of your working day. For a lot of you it’s going to be a huge change and will be hard to get disciplined and working from home; your employer will still expect to see results.

It can be hard to get into your stride and not get waylaid by noticing the washing pile out of the corner of your eye, or the dog, or a series on Netflix!

So make some of the below good practice and enjoy this time, you’ll be amazed at how productive you can be!

  1. Initially think about the connectivity issues, long leads, blue-tooth phone maybe? Your IT departments can help you. If you haven’t got one your wifi password can normally be found on the back of the router!
  2. Wake up at your normal time and do your normal routine as you would before going into your normal place of work.
  3. Dress properly – not in your pyjamas!! I’m not saying suit and boot but get dressed, shower, clean your teeth – as though you are going into the office.
  4. Plan “virtual” coffee breaks with colleagues.
  5. Separate your space to work from your space to relax.
  6. Create a good routine with small exercise breaks – so take your dog out at lunchtime!
  7. Keep talking to people so you don’t feel isolated.
  8. Have a comfortable chair and table and a quiet space to be able to do focused work.
  9. Set specific working hours.
  10. Use the time you’d usually commute to read in bed, or listen to an audio book.
  11. Try to not have your work space in your living area so at night you aren’t thinking about the work you haven’t done once you are switched off for the evening.

Is there any other advice you’d like to add, you seasoned work from home people out there? I’d be interested to hear your views?

Good luck, stay connected and stay safe

You can contact me on Mandy@recruitmentsoutheast.co.uk www.recruitmentsoutheast.co.uk