Recruitment in 2020 is like no other.  

Driven by markets in constant flux and high volumes of candidates, what used to work no longer applies: 

  • Job ads are attracting huge volumes of candidates and they can arrive at a pace far quicker than you can deal with them. Easy-click applications on job boards are now counter-productive. 
  • Job ads have to be more carefully written for the audience you want to attract. 
  • It’s probably wise to have a more agile work force who can adapt to change. 
  • Pre-qualifying candidates needs a fast, clean process that delivers an interview shortlist at pace. 
  • The remote interview process is very often not trusted, but in experienced hands, it’s a powerful tool. 
  • Recruitment always took a lot of time to do properly, but it now takes longer. Much longer.

The word we keep hearing from employers and candidates is “uncertainty”.  It unsettles everything, so…. 

We have reviewed our services for a pandemic economy. Our goal is to deliver two things you probably need more than anything as a hiring manager – Certainty and Time. 


  • Before a COVID-19 vaccine is in general circulation, all our permanent recruitment assignments come with a ONE YEAR’S FREE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE. You can be sure that we will stand by our placements, on condition that we have exclusivity and a £1,000 retainer deposit. The balance of the invoice will only be due when your preferred candidate had accepted your written offer. 



  • If you want to drive your own recruitment, but need help with the volume of candidate pre-qualification, you can hand that to us. We’ll work through every candidate, GUARANTEE every applicant will get a progress update, telephone interview all those we judge likely to meet your specific requirement – and deliver you a shortlist so you can concentrate your time on those who could make a real difference to your organisation. 


  • Writing adverts that attract the right audience, and is clear about your criteria, is a stand-alone skill. Handling applicants who are responding more quickly than you can deal with them risks missing the best candidates – and it’s also a reputational risk for your brand. A well-written job advert is a critical part of your candidate flow. 


  • Managing redundancy is challenging and can be very time-consuming. Offering those being made redundant a CV writing and career advice service demonstrates a Duty of Care that’s also witnessed by remaining employers and customers – it also accelerates the pace at which those involved think and plan for their future with positive and deliberate purpose. Want to find out more? Click here to read more about our outplacement service. 


  • We are all in difficult times that impact on our lives in and out of work, as well as have a direct impact on productivity and quality. Our sister company, The Wellbeing and Performance Company (TWPC) can help deliver strategies that help everybody navigate turbulent waters. 



  • Organisations will be re-organised and re-purposed. People will get moved around. Everything is in flux – Remuneration strategy can get out of kilter, which can deliver long-term workforce issues. Every business needs a plan. It could be argued more than ever, with people possibly accepting roles at lower salaries than they may be used to. Goodwill may keep this a bay for a while, but setting a course now for your total salary package offer could pay real long-term dividends. 


  • The employment world is being reset. Organisations are looking for more flexibility in the workforce – so perhaps transferrable skills have more value than they have ever done before. Does your CV work in the new reality? Are you marketing yourself properly? Small details make a big difference. Talk to us about how your present yourself to the market in 2020 or visit our CV writing page to find out more. 


  • Temporary workers are a good way to stay agile and deliver what needs to be done today. As a Gangmasters Licence holder, you can be assured we’ll deliver the right people, at the right time, and keep your operations running smoothly.