You already know we’re specialist recruiters. But what else? We’re really good at what we do. And we’re modest. Ok, not modest. But realistic. Because we do have a lot of expertise, an ability to cut to the quick of what you need and a dogged determination to bring out the best in your team and find the right person. Not just any person. We don’t do that.

Our values

So what is it about Recruitment South East that makes us the sort of people you might want to work with?

We’re curious because we’re both consultative and strategic. And you can’t be either of those things without digging deeper than a job spec. We’ll bring our own spades.

We’re bold and you’ll find no bulls**t here. We’ll have difficult conversations if we need to because our aim is to give you what you need, not necessarily what you think you need.

We’re always discreet because you’ve got to be able to have open and honest conversations with us. This should go without saying but we’ve said it anyway. Because it matters so much.

It has been a real pleasure working with RSE with our picking staff recruitment since our first harvest. They have eased the process of finding harvest pickers, providing us with the required numbers of keen local workers.

Vineyard Manager Rathfinny Wine Estate
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Our approach

You need results. To increase your productivity. To improve performance, P&L, retention or morale? Whatever success looks like for you, our aim is to help you achieve it. And we do that by providing a whole recruitment service and by working with you, not for you.

We make the process stress free. For you anyway. We know you’re busy, so we filter the wheat from the chaff. We tell you if someone isn’t a good fit and we’ll challenge your assumptions. We do it all with good grace, and we get it right first time. And no, we’re not bragging, we’re making a promise.

Why us

We’ve got a stack of experience across the team for a start. A lot of top end industry and sector knowledge which we’re always happy to share. A sense of humour. Essential and deployed as and when necessary. A genuine desire to make your life easier and your business better for having worked with us.

If our sharp wit and innate charm haven’t persuaded you (oh come on, we’re recruiters), then we’ll let our breadth of experience do the talking. You’ll see from our profiles that our team members have their own MD, strategic leadership, management and marketing experience, and we’ve got skills in neuroscience, coaching and mentoring as well as our sector experience. When combined, this gives us a unique perspective.