Collier Webb

With 45 years’ experience, Collier Webb are designers and makers of luxury lightning, furniture and hardware for the world’s most beautiful interior spaces.

Collier Webb is a third-generation, British family business with a history that goes back forty-five years.

With the luxury market now alert to the unmatched skills of Collier Webb in lighting and furniture making, Geoff Collier – then MD – opened the Collier Webb Gallery, on London’s Fulham Road, later moving to the current site on Pimlico Road. Now part of the Edward Alexander Group they sell their products worldwide and regularly appear in some of the most prestigious, homes, hotels and buildings in the world.

The challenge

Mandy our MD met Geoff through recommendation from another client back in 2006. It was obvious from that initial meeting that Collier Webb had a fantastic product and customer base but that Geoff was too busy to find the calibre of employees he needed to grow the company. At that point he was looking for a key staff member but this need grew exponentially.

His time and expertise were best spent elsewhere in the company allowing us to solve his hiring and talent retention challenges. This great no-nonsense and mutually respectful relationship continued when his daughter Danielle took over the MD reins.

What we did

Finding candidates with the right skills, experience, and industry knowledge for certain positions can be challenging, especially in the current market where skilled craftsmen are increasingly rare, particularly among the younger generation who tend to pursue different career paths. However, by utilising a direct search method, we have been successful in identifying and attracting suitable candidates who possess either relevant experience or transferable skills and potential, but also possess the soft skills required to thrive in their roles and work well within the existing team. We constantly sought employees that were Collier Webb material, whether they were looking or not. We then had bank of great fit candidates exclusively for CW when they needed them.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of placing a wide range of skilled professionals in various positions, including CAD Designers, CNC Operators, General Manager, Metal Polishers, Fabricator, CAD/CAM Engineers, Production Engineers, Showroom Sales Representatives, and Office Staff. This has allowed their existing team to grow, knowing we know how their company work, the company ethos, culture and exact needs of their hiring managers.

The result

Our dedication to attention to detail and commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation as a trusted and reliable recruitment partner, having placed an HR manager there that now picks up the recruitment gauntlet and we are proud to have helped Collier Webb build their dream teams over the years and continue to be their recruitment partner of choice when they can’t source their own employees in what is a very difficult talent market just now.